27 May 2018

ORSO self titled 1998


Artist Biography by

Orso is an experimental, folk-tinged band led by Rex's Phil Spirito, Red Red Meat's Brian Deck, and Califone's Ben Massarella. Featuring banjo-centered songs flushed out by non-traditional instruments such as typewriters and toilets, the band made its studio debut in 1999 with a self-titled album on Perishable Records. Long Time By, a much more focused effort, followed in 2000, and My Dreams Are Back and They Are Better Than Ever arrived four years later. Ask Your Neighbor........... marked the band's first effort for Contraphonic, a Chicago-based label, in 2008.


1 3 Chimneys All Different
2 Random Butter
3 Farmer Was A Paranoid Man
4 For Lack Of Better Words
5 Tea Eggs
6 Stretch Your Money
7 Rudra Vina
8 Burial At Sea
9 Spider's House
10 Madagascar
11 Tongue And Voice
12 Fireman's Cough
13 Cold Rest
14 Bubble Lady

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