28 May 2018

BARCELONA Simon Basic 1999


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Simon Basic
Having been raised in Washington, D.C., during the Reagan regime of the '80s, it was hard for anyone not to be under the influence of new wave pop and Commodore 64s, let alone the members of Barcelona. Comprised of Jennifer Carr (bass), Jason Korzen (guitar/singer), Christian Scanniello (drums), and Ivan Ramiscal (moog/keyboards/ guitar), the band somehow found time away from their love of soccer and computers to add their own dose of synth pop and indie to release their first full-length, Simon Basic, in 1999 and the follow-up EP, Robot Trouble, in July 2000. Zero One Infinity appeared that fall, and Transhuman Revolution was released a year later. Barcelona wound up calling it a day in 2001 as well; Korzen went on to form Sprites the next year.


1 Why Do You Have So Much Fun Without Me? 3:36
2 Sunshine Delay 2:11
3 Indian Names 3:18
4 C-64 2:45
5 Fabled Age 2:22
6 Space Guy Blues 3:02
7 I Know What You Think Of Me 4:07
8 1/2 2:42
9 Unreal 2:23
10 Summer Songs 2:46
11 The Downside Of Computer Camp 2:55

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