18 May 2018

WADE self titled 1993

by request

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Wade's self-titled debut is very much a pop album -- its tracks deliver a somewhat slick take on the lighter side of Britpop, topping typically jangly pop compositions with non-aggressive vocals and trails of violin. The more fleshed-out tunes tend to lose their edge amid all of the overproduced orchestration -- the album's truly gorgeous moments come from pensive, minimal compositions like "House" -- but the band's tendency toward pop cheese is usually made up for by their melody and sense of composition. This isn't a particularly notable record, but it pulls its pop punches effectively, and comes out with a decent level of appeal.


1 I Swear To God 4:27
2 House 5:58
3 Mr. Formaldehyde 7:44
4 Scratch 5:07
5 Palmistry 5:57
6 Barely Human 2:46
7 Ebb Tide 7:09
8 Capital T 4:40


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