31 May 2018

CAKE LIKE Bruiser Queen 1997


Artist Biography by

The New York City art-pop trio Cake Like was led by singer/bassist Kerri Kenney, also a gifted comedienne featured in the cable series The State and Viva Variety. Kenney founded the group in early 1993 with guitarist Nina Hellman, a fellow student at New York University's Experimental Theater Wing; neither knew how to play her respective instrument at the time of Cake Like's formation, but with the subsequent addition of drummer Jody Seifert, the group nevertheless recorded its debut album Delicious even before the year was out. Issued in 1995 on John Zorn's Avant label, the disc was a critical favorite, and upon signing to Vapor Records, the trio resurfaced in 1997 with Bruiser Queen. Goodbye, So What followed two years later.


1 The New Girl 2:17
2 Wendy 2:19
3 Mr. Fireman 3:10
4 Groovy 2:01
5 Latin Lover 2:39
6 Pretty New 3:40
7 Lorraine's Car 3:26
8 Franchise 2:51
9 Cancer 3:19
10 The American Woman 2:02
11 Truck Stop Hussy 3:24
12 Destroyed 2:28

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