13 May 2018

BARE JR. Boo-Tay 1998


Artist Biography by

The roots-rock outfit Bare, Jr. was led by singer/songwriter Bobby Bare Jr., son of the '70s-era country star; also comprising guitarist Michael Grimes, electric dulcimer player Tracy Hackney, bassist Dean Tomasek and drummer Keith Brogdon, the Nashville-based group debuted in 1998 with the EP Custom Gauge, followed by a stint on that summer's H.O.R.D.E. festival. Their major label debut Boo-Tay followed later that same year; Brainwasher was issued in fall 2000.


1 Boo-Tay
2 Nothin' Better To Do
3 The Most
4 You Blew Me Off
5 Tobacco Spit
6 Faker
7 Patty McBride
8 Give Nothing Away
9 Soggy Daisy
10 Love-Less
11 I Hate Myself
12 Naked Albino
13 I Wanna Live
14 Why Won't You Love Me

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