27 May 2018

REGIA The Art of Navigation 1999


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This labor of love by drummer Louis Schefano (Remy Zero, Sarah McLachlan) is a super-tasty cloud of dreamy power pop. From the first driving riff of "Something for Nothing" you know you are on to something good. Thank God the promise is paid off with the trippy "Song for Wilhelm Reich" and the smooth reverb of "War of Words." This is one of those albums that gets better with every play, and then follows you around all day like an imaginary friend.


1 Something For Nothing
2 Song For Wilhelm Reich
3 Same Time Same Place
4 Nobody's Matador
5 War Of Words
6 Borrowed Soul
7 I Believe
8 Strange Battle
9 Disinfectant
10 Put Down
11 Sure
12 My Hometown Killed Me

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