28 May 2018


Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture

(recorded in 1999, released Jan. 2000)

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Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture
Alt-rockers Skull Kontrol were formed in Washington, D.C., in 1997, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Chris Thomson (formerly of Monorchid, Ignition, and Circus Lupus), bassist Kim Thompson (ex-Delta 72 and Cupid Car Club), and drummer Brooks Headly. When Monorchid disbanded, guitarist Andy Coronado joined up, and Thomson switched exclusively to vocals. Skull Kontrol signed to Touch and Go Records and in 1999 released their debut EP, Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture. ZZZZZZ... followed a year later.
Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture
1 New Rock Critic
2 Call Me Rover
3 Camouflage
4 Satan Is Jesus To Me
5 What I Once Feared Has Now Come True
6 Robot Man
7 Witch Laughter
8 Live Bait
1 In A Different Cage
2 Primitive Offerings
3 False Ceilings
4 Long Wave
5 Pigs In Heat
6 Mater Dolores

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