28 May 2018

WINTERBRIEF Complaints From The Beauty Class 1999


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With their use of twining together abrasive melodies, digital overtones and a heavy theme of political commentaries, the Washington DC duo Winterbrief found themselves compared to the likes of Bis, Yummy Fur and Red Monkey amongst other British counterparts that the band looked up to. Comprised of members Jan and Julian, who handle everything from guitars, vocals, synthesizers and drum programming, Winterbrief used this formula on their debut full-length Complaints From The Beauty Class courtesy of Hub City Records. Soon after the albums 1998 release, the band soon re-located to Philadelphia, but not before contributing songs to various compilations released by Pal, Shirley Beans and Tapegun Records.


1 Glow-We 2:31
2 Me And P St. Beach 3:47
3 I Want To Be Sexy 3:00
4 abDC 2:03
5 Chick Flick 4:39
6 Art-Loft Rebel 2:03
7 A Practiced Prescription 3:05
8 Repressant 2:14
9 Mr. Majority 3:13
10 Tricks Of The Trade 2:36

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