15 May 2018

GIRLFRENDO Surprise! Surprise! It's Girlfrendo 1998


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Gothenburg, Sweden-based teen-pop group Girlfrendo -- singers Jo Friendo and Sara Safari, guitarist Golden Boy, bassist Nicholas, keyboardist Anders K. and drummer Per -- debuted in 1997 with a series of well-received indie EPs including Shout It Out Loud & Clear, Girlfrendo Gives You That Fab Gear, Girlfrendo Gives You a Lovebite, Get Ready to Be Heartbroken by Girlfrendo and Firstkiss Feelings vs. Everyday Sensations. The band's first full-length LP Surprise! Surprise! It's Girlfrendo appeared in 1998; the single "Cat Heaven" followed a year later.


1 Homework
2 First Kiss Feelings Vs. Everyday Sensations
3 Delicatessen
4 Make-Up
5 Sad Birthday Song  
6 12
7 Cat Heaven
8 Kisses In The Nursery
9 Girlfrendo Soundsystem
10 Hallelujah
11 Air
12 Surprise Surprise
13 Lose Your Face
14 Crushed
15 A Reason For Every Season

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