27 May 2018

THE SMOKEJUMPERS Flat Tear It Up! 1998

by request
old school cowpunk
Not listed on Discogs
1. Put Myself in Your Hands
2. A Place to Park
3. She Lives on the Richmond Line
4. Doing Time
5. My Baby Thinks She's Bettie Page
6. I Love You (But You're a Lyin' Sack of Shit)
7. The Roaming Shoe Salesman
8. '86 Dodge
9. Neighbor Girl
10. 15 Months in a Mexican Jail
11. Them Pretty Boys Are All the Same But Us Ugly Guys Got Style
12.  I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You No More
13. You What?!
14. Diablo Sauce
15. Six Shots from the Bottle

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