31 May 2018

BICYCLE self titled 1999


Artist Biography by

Singer/songwriter Kurt Liebert is the main force behind Bicycle, a musical project he began after he was laid off from his job at a New York pharmaceuticals company. Liebert took the opportunity to ride his bicycle across the country and play impromptu gigs with his collaborator Forrest Burtnette, which led to the band's name. Bicycle's unique manner of transportation attracted media attention and grants from a few music colleges, and Liebert moved to Seattle to focus on his music. This resulted in the 1999 self-titled debut album, which featured contributions from Burtnette and former Presidents of the United States member Chris Ballew, who produced five songs on the album, and also provided background vocals.


1 68 2:41
2 Daisydunes.com 2:52
3 All Of Her Chords 2:42
4 That Cat 2:23
5 Electrolux 3:13
6 View Of The Valley 4:00
7 Bionic 2:19
8 High Plains Drifter 2:17
9 Pop Song 2:20
10 Clean 2:36
11 Wilderbeast 2:30
12 Oh Jesus I'm Dying 1:46
13 Fingerpainting 2:27
14 Earthquake 3:18

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