13 May 2018

HAYWOOD Model For A Monument 1998

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Upon their formation in 1992, the lineup of Ted Pauly, Rob Viola, Jeff Paretchan, Ariel Serbin, and Danny Barria would be otherwise known as Haywood to their Philadelphia hometown. Inspired by the likes of Archers of Loaf, Pavement, and the Replacements, the band would take on a melodic but complex sound of their own as they would release a handful of singles through various labels. Not too long after their relocation to New York City in 1997, Magwheel Records would release their debut full-length, Model for a Monument, in 1998 while The Self-Starter Foundation followed up with the Men Call Him Mister album the next year. But before their third full-length, We Are Amateurs, You and I, could hit the shelves, the band called it quits in 2000.


1 Crosswords
2 Trophy Case
3 Devon Lanes
4 Trash Park
5 You´re Crazy
6 My Self-Empowerment Song
7 Get Out Your Christmas
8 Plastic
9 Nothing Happens
10 Nerf Dreams
11 Just Like Moths
12 Turning Into Giants

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