04 May 2018

MUSSOLINI HEADKICK Blood on the Flag 1990

by request
If you like Nitzer Ebb, you'll probably dig this.

Artist Biography by

Belgian/American industrial band, considered a bit more accessible than most bands in the genre. Members include the Revolting Cocks' Luc Van Acker and King Butcher's John Butcher. The lyrics, as can be inferred from the group's name, are largely political, with a military bent. While there are the pounding beats and distorted, repeated vocals typical of industrial music, the band experiments with verse-chorus song structures on some tracks.


1 War Drum 3:37
2 Empire 4:39
3 Naked And Bleeding 3:56
4 Get Out 3:18
5 Kabul 3:36
6 Cracking Up 3:47
7 Holy War 6:44
8 Under The Eye 3:49
9 Homeland 4:21

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