13 May 2018



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In the Pineys
Debuting in 1991 as a three-piece support act for the Frogs, Strapping Fieldhands made a few waves as one of the more charming -- albeit ramshackle -- bands in indie-rock's decidedly ragged lo-fi movement. The band, comprised of Bob Malloy, Bob Dickie, Jacy Webster, Sky Kishlo and Jeff Werner, gigged around Philadelphia and recorded their debut EP, The Demiurge, in 1991 for Siltbreeze Records. Several singles for the label followed, and Strapping Fieldhands released their first album, Discus, in 1993. The group played around the East and followed up with two ten-inch EPs released during 1994, In the Pineys and The Caul. The band's second LP, Wattle & Daub, was released by Shangri-La in 1996. Siltbreeze later combined Strapping Fieldhands' seven-inch output on the compilation Gobs on the Midway.


1 The Author In Her Ear 2:15
2 Song Of Mourning Dove 3:51
3 Ben Franklin Airbath 2:40
4 The Oath 1:41
5 Chronicle Of A Tortoise 4:51
6 Tickled With Olive Branch 4:56
7 Lunar Diversions 2:19
8 Blue Kangaroo 3:23
9 Soundscapes 6:14
10 Scuttled Kayak Odyssey 3:40
11 Rose Seed 4:19
12 Abandoned By Demeter 3:53

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