13 May 2018

DIRT NAP Below The Speed Of Sound 1997



Kansas City’s four-piece affectionately known as Dirt Nap has been crafting its perfect blend of high-skilled, angular and emotional indie rock since 1991. However, the group has been in the woodwork for some time now as current members were quite busy in their involvement in talented bands such as Season to Risk, thestringandreturn, and The Stella Link. After the recording its debut album Below the Speed of Sound, the group kept a low profile, playing a local show here and there while preparing material for what would later become the Long Songs album. Currently the band has emerged from hibernation and is intent on making its presence widely known by an extensive round of touring and a phenomenal 10 song follow-up to their long out-of-print record.


1 Slumber To Toil
2 Pumpernickel
3 Resign (Charlotte Mix)
4 Somebite
5 Wedding
6 Aqua
7 Land
8 Magnus

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