22 May 2018

SWEETHEART Well-Dressed Meat 1992

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Upon their 1991 debut EP entitled Mr. Cocktail, Sweetheart brought on their trademark of spastic noise punk that incorporates saxophones, awkward tempo changes, and gruff vocals to the native Finland. Being compared to the likes of the Cows, the Laughing Hyenas, Pussy Galore, and the Birthday Party, Bad Vugum Records would be responsible for the 1992 full-length Well Dressed Meat. Sweethearts discography would continue to grow as the years progressed with 1994's An Ordinary Family Visits Hell, 1996's Intoxicated Boom Boom, and 1998's Stitches Removal Day.


1 Insects Think It's June 3:07
2 Deserted Plain 2:44
3 Pavlov 1:58
4 Moving 3:28
5 Chinese Meat Market 4:04
6 Wedding Dress For A Vulture 2:43
7 Satanism 4:40
8 Human Skyscraper 1:51
9 Things Just Happen 3:22
10 Frog Rain 3:09
11 Mr. Cocktail 5:30
12 Ephraim 3:53

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