17 May 2018

NOVASONIC DOWN HYPERSPACE Embracing Magnetics 1999


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Formed in 1995 for the purpose of bringing out the space rock to their hometown of Chicago, Illinois, NovaSonic Down Hyper Space not only contribute to their local scene of playing out live, but as well as having their own label Spectra Records and their recording studio Spectre Mobile. With their drummer-less line up consisting of Andy (bass/guitar/vocals), Steve (keyboards/ moog/ guitar), Paul (guitar/ bass/ vocals) and Bryan (thermion/chimes), the band immediately worked on their discography, starting with the EPs Sould Glide and Inward To The Sun both courtesy of Spectra Records in 1995. Following their "Abducted to Venus"/"Send It To The Sun" EP released the next year on Throwrug Records, AudioInformationPhenomena put out their first full-length Embracing Magnetics in 1998.


1 what went wrong, saving space
2 melody in chaos
3 sounds just like an ocean
4 feel free
5 almost home
6 stuck on the world
7 saw her eyes
8 on
9 make it in time
10 first day
11 coming on to a lighter take
12 hold on tight
13 take a ride

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