31 May 2018

NERVES New Animal 1999


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Odd as it is to remember, Thrill Jockey started out as a punk label, releasing records by bands like Gaunt and Gorilla. So, it shouldn't come as a complete surprise that out comes Nerves, a genuine and impressive punk record in the tradition of the Wipers, the Pagans, or La Peste. A few mod and beat constructions give the album the angularity and modernity it needs, and there's enough intelligence in the group's compositions to get past the many punk and hardcore clichés, but the key quality is the purity and power of the Nerves' sound and performance -- this is a solid and compelling modern-day punk record, and the Nerves' best work to this point.


1 Die Tonight 2:29
2 Get Me High 2:21
3 Red Night 2:44
4 Looking Into Fire 2:18
5 Twilight Blvd. 3:49
6 Millstone 0:59
7 Cry, Cry 3:31
8 Live All 2:01
9 Dying Arms 3:02
10 Own Religion 2:40
11 Carnival Dog 2:09
12 New Animal 4:11

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