21 April 2020

COPOUT More Dead Than Alive 1990's (exact year unknown)

cassette only released sometime in the 1990's
recorded at WFMU

Hardcore band from Memphis, Tennessee. Some members went on to form His Hero Is Gone.


A1 Collapse
A2 How Much For?
A3 Death Between Friends
A4 Betrayer
A5 Wounds
A6 Hindsight
A7 Flat On My Face
A8 Ignite
A9 Dead Culture
A10 Apology
A11 No One
A12 Return
A13 Cursed Birth
A14 Anvil
A15 Once Again
B1 Tape Song
B2 Wounds
B3 Return
B4 Hindsight
B5 How Much For?
B6 Death Between Friends
B7 A Fuckup
B8 Over There
B9 Flat On My Face
B10 Colors
B11 Untitled New One
B12 Collapse
B13 No One
B14 Youth Enrage
B15 Blind
B16 Once Again

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