20 April 2020

WILD CARNATION Tricycle 1994


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The pastoral pop band Wild Carnation was an outgrowth of the legendary Feelies. The group was led by singer/bassist Brenda Sauter, a longtime fixture of the Hoboken, NJ music scene whose tenures in local outfits like the Trypes and the Willies resulted in an offer to join the reformed Feelies in 1983; she remained with the group until their 1991 demise, concurrently moonlighting as a member of Speed the Plough. Sauter formed Wild Carnation in 1992 with her husband, guitarist Richard Barnes, and drummer Christopher O'Donovan (both members of Speed the Plough as well); after debuting with the single "Dodger Blue," the trio issued the rustic full-length Tricycle on the Delmore label in 1994.


1 The Rising Tide 4:18
2 Acid Rain And "The Big One" 3:27
3 Susquehanna 142 3:41
4 Dodger Blue 3:58
5 Wings 5:12
6 The Music Box 3:57
7 Trailer Song 3:47
8 No Doors In Kansas 3:16
9 The State You're In 3:38
10 The Lights Are On (But No One's Home) 4:18
11 Scarf Dance 4:09
12 Shaker Tune 3:01

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