03 April 2020

TREEHOUSE Nobody's Monkey 1997

I recently had a request for Treehouse "Courtesy Laugh" and although I've been searching for that for years, I did find another alternative band with the name Treehouse. So here it is.

Artist Biography by

Treehouse was an alternative band from Liverpool, England that also had roots in the North Carolina scene that spawned Hootie and the Blowfish. The result was a group that was half-Hootie American rock and half-Oasis Britpop. Led by Pete Riley (vocals, guitar) and featuring Keith Lamelle Thomas (guitar, mandolin), Charles Wood Woodward (drums), Paul Brook (drums), and Melvin Duffy (pedal steel), Treehouse lived for a while in North Carolina, which was there they became friends with Hootie and the Blowfish. In 1997, the Blowfish's label, Breaking Records, released Treehouse's only album, Nobody's Monkey. Despite a major-label push from Atlantic Records, Nobody's Monkey was ignored, selling nowhere near the numbers of either the Blowfish or Oasis. The band then returned to England and recorded some EPs before splitting up. Riley went solo, releasing the full-length After the Parade, sold over his Internet site. He also joined Edwin McCain's group, appearing on Far From Over in 2001.


1 Rain On Your Parade 4:10
2 The Days 3:13
3 Daddy Inside 4:25
4 A Million Places At Once 3:24
5 Miracle Divide 4:56
6 On My Own Again 5:20
7 Losing Tonght 4:32
8 Hangin' On 4:00
9 Falling 4:33
10 Northern Rainbow 4:31
11 Alison's Sky 3:55
12 The Return 4:24

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