11 April 2020

TRACK STAR Communication Breaks 1997


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Starting in San Francisco in the early nineties, Track Star began performing mainly as a guitar duo. Using a drum machine as its rhythm section, the band continued to rehearse and perform before addiing a drummer. After releasing a 7" split on Kick Down Records, Track Star recorded a split cassette with Raisler soon afterwards. In 1995, the band recorded and released Sometime What's The Difference, an EP that received attention in Bay Area music circles. In 1997, Track Star tour throughout the United States in support of its debut album, Commmunication Breaks. The group toured with Promise Ring, Modest Mouse and Stereolab among others. Track Star also performed at the annual Noise Pop Festival. During this time, Cusick was also involved in another band, The Aislers Set. In 2000, guitarists Wyatt Cusick and Matthew Troy returned to using a drum machine for songs after splitting with its original drummer. He was replaced by Brian Girgus, former drummer of Lowercase. Scrapping the material it had, Track Star recorded new material and released its long-awaited sophomore album in 2002. Lions Destroyed The Whole World was described as sublime pop rock by many and earned critical acclaim.


1 Alien Idea
2 Lifestyles...
3 These Horses Carry Blood
4 One Hundred Degrees
5 Payback
6 All Hands
7 Low Rent / High Life
8 Revenge Fantasy
9 Owen's Ghetto Punch
10 Sooner It Dies
11 The Big Fuck You
12 Something Very Winning
13 Dead Today
14 Bleeding Gums
15 This Is Number Forty Two
16 West Coast Weather

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