14 July 2021

GRITTY KITTY Mistaking Airplanes For Stars 1997



Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny

Athens, GA indie-pop quartet Gritty Kitty comprised singer/guitarist Jason Taylor, guitarist John Hart, singer/bassist Polly Hansen and drummer Jessica Slavich. Landing with local label Kindercore, the group debuted with a split seven-inch with Rug Boy, followed by the cassette Stardust and Loser Wheelbarrows; the full-length Mistaking Airplanes for Stars appeared in 1997.



1 I-85
2 Rock Show
3 Rock City
4 Radio Towers
5 Be My Monopoly
6 Icing
7 Transport Beaches
8 Crushworthy
9 Let's Have A Parade
10 Ida And Dactyl
11 Kickball
12 Spica
13 Porchswing
14 One If By Train, Two If By Train
15 Tommy Gun
16 When I Saw You
17 Matilda
18 Indie Rock Love Song

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