25 July 2021

HANNAH CRANNA Better Lonely Days 1995





Hannah Cranna was a bit anachronistic during the 90’s – they sounded nothing like the Seattle bands that so dominated the music scene, in fact, their music harkened back to the then ultra uncool pop of The Beatles, The Kinks, Badfinger, Big Star and Buffalo Springfield – pure pop sounds that have enjoyed a great resurgence after the noise-drenched ’90’s. Their songs had strong, original melodies in a decade pretty much bereft of them. The first album, “Better Lonely Days” received a lot of praise for its unique pop sound, in fact the Ventura County & Coast proclaimed their songs could, “stand with anything Buddy Holly or those Beatles ever wrote”. Hannah Cranna’s packed showcase at the South by Southwest that year was one of the Austin Chronicle’s picks for the festival. Better Lonely Days was a well-received, critical success…”Hello” was picked up by about 80 radio stations and was even in regular rotation on WPLR in New Haven, CT – a major FM classic rock station. The eponymous second outing featured legendary Badfinger guitarist/singer/songwriter Joey Molland (also guitar player for George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Star in some of their solo work) as the producer. A somewhat darker tone pervaded this record, evoking a sense of melancholy reminiscent of Neil Young’s “Tonight’s the Night” or George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” – even still, there was always a thread of humanism running through their music and in the end it was the uncompromising devotion to making great music that really set them apart.


1 In The Sky
2 Better Lonely Days
3 Let The Rain Fall
4 Mystical
5 Angeline
6 Paul McCartney and Wings
7 Hello
8 Supercal
9 She Loves Me
10 When I Am With You
11 Waterloo Sunset
12 Far Away

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