04 July 2021

WHIRL-WHEELS An International Pop Compilation 1996




Lo-fi/pop rock compilation on Shelflife Records



1 The Cat's Miaow The Others Way
2 Eggplant How Does Ed Cope??
3 The Crooner Alberto Caiero
4 Clair Kiss Me 'Till My Lips Bleed
5 Club 8 Before I Came
6 The Lovelies No Heroes
7 The Singing Bush Anita's Song
8 Les Autres Outside My Ken
9 Moving Pictures Beauty
10 Penelope Trip Miss Black America
11 The Autocollants Tennis Racket
12 Next Time Passions Untitled
13 Johnny Dee Here Comes Another Day
14 They Go Boom !! Candy
15 Peru (5) World Of Jason
16 Sugar Plant Lonely Highway
17 Psychagogo Rotten Roll
18 Minema Loveless
19 The Penelopes Whatever Happens To You
20 Boyracer David Byrne (Original Demo)
21 One Night Susan* Alcohol Future Beat
22 La Buena Vida En Bicicleta
23Star Screwer Lazy Days And Sleepless Nights

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