17 July 2021

MARINE RESEARCH Sounds From The Gulf Stream 1999




Artist Biography by Mike DaRonco

Marine Research formed in late 1997 as a continuation of Heavenly -- who disbanded the prior year following the tragic suicide of drummer Mathew Fletcher. With the remaining four-fifths of Heavenly moving on with drummer John Stanley (aka DJ Downfall), Amelia Fletcher (vocals), Cathy Rogers (vocals/keyboards), Rob Pursey (bass), and Peter Momtchiloff (guitar) continued with their formula of uppity twee-pop and punk rock undertones that root back from their Talulah Gosh days. Immediately releasing their debut single "Queen B" in 1998 and a split EP with Built to Spill, K Records eventually signed the Oxford quintet that resulted in the CD EP Parallel Horizons and the full-length Sounds of the Gulf Stream later on that same year.



1 Parallel Horizontal
2 You And A Girl
3 Hopefulness To Hopelessness
4 Queen B
5 Chucking Out Time
6 Glamour Gap
7 At The Lost And Found
8 Venn Diagram
9 End Of The Affair
10 Y.Y.U.B.


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